Saturday, October 17, 2009

Product: Alpha Lipid Lifeline

Introducing one fantastic product: Alpha-Lipid Lifeline. And a ‘lifeline’ it truly is! A powdered colostrum product, Lifeline contains 2000mg of colostrum, as well as 1000mg of calcium plus other vitamins and minerals, and acidophilus too - a ‘good bacteria’ essential for good health and fantastic in fighting off yeast and candida infections.

Each 450gm can is a one-month supply, and has a delicious vanilla flavour. When you shake it up with water it’s like drinking melted ice-cream, and it tastes amazing in smoothies too (I highly recommend trying banana, honey, and Lifeline!)

And good news for the lactose intolerant: The lactose molecule in this has been taken right down to its simple sugar, meaning it’s safe for you to reap the benefits of too.

RRP: NZ$83.05 + P&P - 450gm can

TO ORDER: Email your order request to Credit/debit card payments welcome. For more information on ordering, click here.

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  1. I am on only day 2 of taking this and I am soo attached I love it!! Not sure if I've ever been this productive before :) Get some!!