Sunday, October 18, 2009

Product: Cellworx

New Image have produced a concentrated extract of a number of the minor compounds found in colostrum.

Cellworx is absorbed so fast with such a good 'delivery method' that it begins working almost straight away; transmucosal absorption (sub-lingual/under the tongue) means it is absorbed directly into the blood stream and distributed through the body and bone marrow.

So what's in it?

Info-Peptides: These are compounds that provide regulation and signals so our immune system functions properly.

Sialyl Oligosaccharides: These are big sugar-based compounds that provide the right chemical compounds needed for your cells to communicate properly across the nerve gap. At the end of each nerve cell and the start of another is a gap of sorts, and a breakdown in communication between these can lead to all sorts of problems. Sialyl Oligosaccharides resolve this problem effectively, as well as fighting bacteria on their own, and have been shown to bind to viruses and stop them replicating through the body - one in particular being the flu virus. Bonus!

Neuro-Peptides: These are compounds that can improve cognitive response in the elderly, as well as delaying the onset of neuro-degenerative disorders. They can help stop the impact on brain tissue of free radicals, and also prevent the formative of beta-amyloid plaques forming in the brain.

Cytokines: Compounds involved in the cell-to-cell recognition and replication pathways, including IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF, EGF, and PDGF, amongst others.

And how does it work?

Cellworx comes in the form of a concentrated spray, which you spray under the tongue before you go to bed. This area is one of the most absorptive in the body, and in a process called transmucosal absorption products are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Use Cellworx before bed, and hold for as long as possible (fight that urge to swallow!!)

Users of various other natural health products such as homeopathy will be familiar with the process of holding a tablet or spray under the tongue for as long as possible, in order for it to be absorbed.

For best results

Although it can be used on its own, like Colostem, for best results use Cellworx in conjunction with Colostem (taken an hour before dinner) and Lifeline (in the morning).

Cellworx comes in a 125ml spray bottle. RRP NZ$93.05 + P&P, or
70ml spray bottle. RRP $67.20

NB: All information taken from product brochures. These are available by email in PDF format - request one via email if interested in learning more.

TO ORDER: Email your order to Credit/debit card/international orders welcome. For more information on ordering, click here.

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