Sunday, October 18, 2009

Product: Colostem - Get those stem cells going!

Introducing Colostem, with Colostrum, Fucoidan, and Resveratrol - one half of a power-punch of mega duo, new from New Image.

Resveratrol and the French Paradox

We've all heard of the so-called French Paradox. They drink as much red wine as they like, yet all have amazing longevity. This is because of a fantastic phytonutrient known as Resveratrol, and it's got the natural health world buzzing with excitement.

Resveratrol has been found to be anti-ageing, energy-boosting, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular health-enhancing, blood sugar-lowering, anti-cancer, longevity-boosting... and it mimics the effects of calorie restriction; the only intervention proven to prolong your maximum lifespan and produce anti-ageing effects in numerous organisms. French research suggests it can help control weight by enhancing energy expenditure, and to top it off, can help prevent age-related degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's (something colostrum can, too). It helps blood vessel health, decreases oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and some early trials suggest it may be useful in preventing some cancers.

Phew! Quite a lot for one little compound produced in several different plants when they're under attack.

Fucoidan, we love you...

And what about little ol' Fucoidan? This is a nutrient from the sea; a polysaccharide - complex sugar - extracted from brown Angel's Hair seaweed. It defends against degenerative diseases, is an antioxidant against premature ageing, is an anti-coagulant, stops and inhibits abnormal cell growth, normalises blood pressure, blood sugar, and bad cholesterol, improves stomach upsets, and improves immune ability. As well as this it helps boost a healthy stem cell population, similar to colostrum, and research shows similarities between this and human breast milk, making it known as 'the plant equivalent of mother's breast milk'.

Colostrum, hurrah!

We all know about the benefits of colostrum by now...

So what happens when we combine all three in one incredible product?

We get Colostem, of course.

About Colostem

Colostem is a First Generation colostrum product, fresh from New Image, that combines these three incredible ingredients that all support a healthy adult stem cell population.

For best results...

Although fine on its own, it works best when used in conjunction with Alpha Lipid Lifeline, and Cellworx, and together they make the most powerful products New Image have produced to date.

Lifeline for breakfast, Colostem an hour before dinner, and Cellworx before bed.

Colostem comes in bottles of 60 tablets, each containing 400mg Colostrum, 40mg Fucoidan, and 25mg Resveratrol.
RRP is NZ$78.55 + P&P

TO ORDER: Email your order to Credit card/debit card/international orders welcome. For more information on ordering, click here.

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  1. Hi Erin, the new Image product is no longer endorsed by the Adult Stem Cell Foundation. The product they recommend now is Colostrum Max which is a far better product and registered as a medicine. If you'd like to know more email me at
    PS Nice blog!