Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dino Tabs - Colostrum for Kiddies

At last, there's a great-tasting colostrum available for children.
It's called 'Dino Tabs', and they come in a delicious strawberry flavour - so now the whole family can enjoy the benefits of New Image Alpha Lipid Colostrum, with no complaints from fussy eaters.
Here's the info...

Bovine colostrum supports healthy immunity and may provide
protection against influenza.

Colostrum supports gut health and may be of assistance in
preventing and reducing the symptoms associated with stomach bugs and

Xylitol may assist with maintaining health inner ear
Xylitol, at doses of 8g/day, can help to inhibit the bacteria
that contribute to plaque and dental cavity formation.

Calcium is an important mineral for healthy teeth and

Active Ingredients per serve (2 tablets):

400mg Bovine Colostrum
1.39g xylitol


2 tablets per day

Beware that these are small, so they could present a choking
hazard to children under the age of two - so use with caution and

Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.
From experience, I can tell you these things are delicious - you should have no problems with getting your children onto the goodness of colostrum now these babies are around!!
RRP $66.30 for 120 tabs (2 month supply)
As always, for more information, or to order (international orders welcome), email


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  2. I think these colostrum supplements seem to be good, and especially for those kids who are weak.

  3. Nice post on the new colostrum product. I'm wondering if it is available in Australia?

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