Saturday, October 17, 2009

Product: Save Money While You Save the Planet

It's not a supplement, and it's not colostrum - in fact, it's not even edible! But this latest product is certainly going to have an impact on the health of your lungs, and the planet (and most importantly for many, the health of your wallet!).

Did you know that according to a 2002 study, approximately 339 people die vehicle emissions-related deaths in New Zealand every year?
*Not counting suicides

So what is it?

The New Generation PowerPill FE-3+ is a rather clever little creation. You simply pop a tablet into your tank before you fill up with petrol, and it works to condition your engine, improves fuel efficiency, and drastically reduces your emissions of a number of noxious, polluting gases. This means you save money, your fuel goes longer so you don't need to fill up as often, and fewer fumes for us to breath in.

Scientific, monitored testing has proven time and again that it improves combustion and efficiency, and the amount you save more than covers the cost of treatment using the PowerPill - let alone the health of our planet, and of our lungs and bodies. Think of how much healthier and happier we'd all be if everybody in a big city used these in their cars!!

There are PowerPills available for both petrol and diesel, and they'll work in cars, trucks, boats... PowerPills come in packets of 10, which will last the average car 10 fills (1 pill per 70L).
PRICE: NZ$ 38.65/packet of 10 + P&P

So how can you be sure it works?

That's easy. Aside from the manufacturer's NZ$10,000,000 guarantee that it won't harm your vehicle, around the country are garages where you can take your car in and measure the levels of pollutants in your exhaust. Find a garage in your area who has a government-approved testing machine, and have your car emissions tested initially. Fill the vehicle with fuel, check the odometer, and drive along a set route until the light comes on and you need to refuel. Take down the odometer reading again, and work out how far you've driven. This will be your baseline.

Next, put 2 tablets into the half-full tank, and fill until full. Take the odometer reading, and after 10km have your emissions retested at the same place. After this, drive the same route as before. When your 'empty' light comes on, stop and record the odometer once more. From this you can figure out your percentage improvement, by deducting your baseline figure from your new figure, and dividing the result by the baseline figure to get the percentage.

You can repeat for the next 3 tanks of fuel, but using one tablet per fill.

... and if you do this, I'd love to hear your results!!

So go on - save yourself some money, save our lungs some muck, and save our planet with the fab little PowerPill. What a beaut!!

TO ORDER: Email orders to Credit/debit card/international orders welcome. For more information on ordering, click here.

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