Monday, November 16, 2009

Products: Ultra Diet

A Very Big Issue

It's no secret that obesity is a huge problem facing most Western countries today.

Some sobering statistics from the 2006/2007 New Zealand Health Survey showed that:

  • One in four adults were obese (26.5%)
  • 41.7% of Māori adults were obese
  • 63.7% of Pacific adults were obese
  • 11% of Asian adults were obese
...scary stuff.

Which is why New Image have developed the Ultra Diet.

Products available as part of this diet plan include:

Ultra Diet 2

A carbohydrate controlled programme, based on research from the Harvard Medical School and developed in association with Dr. Peter Vash, a leading Los Angeles specialist in eating disorders and obesity.

The Ultra Diet contains all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids required for proper nutrition, together with high quality protein and natural fibre.

More information on the diet is available by email. Please contact me on for more info.

RRP: $69.75/420gm can + P&P

Fibre Max

Fibre not only helps keep your bowels regular, it also helps detoxify the body and improve intestinal health - which leads to better overall health.

This is a blend of chicory root extract, psyllium, soy fibre, oat bran, and pectin, and is tasteless and odorless meaning you can add it to drinks or to foods in baking.

RRP: $64.40/420gm can + P&P


Gymnema sylvestre is a well-respected ancient Indian plant used in Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional, ancient medicine system of India), which contains a substance that blocks the absorption of sugar in the digestive tract. This results in less sugar entering the blood stream and less calories being ingested which leads to controlled weight loss. Also contains 50mg fenugreek and 50mg psyllium powder.

RRP: $57.45 for 90 capsules + P&P

Lite Seasoner

Too much Sodium in our diet can cause a myriad of health problems, yet it adds flavour... Lite Seasoner is a potassium-based mineral seasoner with only a fraction of the sodium content of ordinary salt.

RRP: $9.20/100gm jar + P&P

Ketone sticks

An essential part of the Ultra Diet programme, Ketone Sticks enable you to monitor weight loss.

(See image in group Ultra Diet product shot)

RRP: $16.95/50 strips + P&P

Turbo shaker

Great to mix those shake drinks up in...

(See image in group Ultra Diet product shot)

RRP: $11.35 each + P&P

Ultra Diet is also available in two or four-week starter packs - email for details.

Shipping can be combined on all orders.

For more information, or to order any products, please contact NZ Direct bank deposit/credit card/international orders welcome.

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