Saturday, October 17, 2009

Products: Capsules and Chewable Tablets

…and for those who aren’t so good with mixing up a quick and easy drink in the morning, there’s colostrum for those ‘on the go’.

Alpha Lipid Colostrum is also available as capsules, and as chewable vanilla-flavoured tablets. Both can come in either a one (60 caps/tabs) or two-month (120 caps/tabs) supply.

I find the tablets great for keeping in the handbag; any time you feel like you need one, or you’ve slept in a bit too long to make up your morning shake, you can chew one up and taste the rewards.

The tablet form is also great for kids to take, especially if you can’t get them to drink the smoothie and they won’t swallow capsules. They are delicious though, so try not to let them eat the whole bottle at once!!

RRP: Capsules - 60 @ NZ$45.35 or 120 @ NZ$75.75 + P&P

RRP: Tablets - 60 @ NZ$53.35 or 120 @ NZ$86.40 + P&P

TO ORDER: Email order to Credit/debit card payments welcome. For more information on ordering, click here.

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