Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who are you? And how do I get my hands on this stuff?

Who are you?

My name is Erin Young. I’m a 22-year-old student Naturopath, training in Auckland, New Zealand, for a Bachelor of Naturopathy. I’ve been an avid user of natural products my whole life, and when I’m not reading, researching, and studying natural medicine I can be found listening to music, playing music, going to gigs, or writing my novel.

My philosophy

I’ve been taking colostrum for the past year, and have seen fantastic results in people using the product, as well as a major improvement in my own health - the stuff tastes great, and works, so the purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for interested buyers to read about what's available. I also maintain two secondary sub-blogs to this; the first contains research related to colostrum in general, and the second contains inspiring health-related stories relevant to this site.

I'm naturally sceptical of a lot of health supplements and the claims they make, and lean towards nature in its most intact form for healing the body and mind; I intend to further my study with a diploma in Medical Herbalism, and my personal philosophy on healing is that the closer a product is to nature - using whole foods and 'whole food supplements', as they're known - the better. This is what our bodies have evolved on, and what we should be feeding them to maintain high levels of health and vitality. Which is why I was so excited to come across these products, and to see the results people are getting. Colostrum is a whole food supplement - about as whole a food as you can get! - and the top of my list of 'things to take'.

There are also a range of other primarily herbal-based formulas available too, a beautiful range of skincare known as Bio-Rejuv, and a version of the ketogenic diet for weight-loss.

My background

My background is in journalism, having been published in several countries for the past decade. This blog, and my two sub-blogs, are a natural combining of the two as my effort to spread the word about the wonders of this amazing substance.

I will be updating regularly with product information, and maintaining new information and interesting stories on my other sites.

If you would like to try Alpha Lipid for yourself, please contact me at the below address for a list of products and prices.

What else is available?

There are numerous other supplements available to purchase, all of an extremely high quality and standard, including Vitamin C, CoQ10 supplements, Noni Juice, Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera juice, Pycnogenol, a brilliant herbal/Omega 3 and 6 Circulation and Cardiovascular support formula, Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplements, Protein shakes, a fantastic professionally-developed weight-loss programme known as the Ultra Diet, cleaning products, and an amazing range of skincare developed using colostrum and moor essence.

All of these are linked in the product list in the left-hand scroll bar.

Save money and the environment - at the same time!

We also have a PowerPill available for your car to help save you money and reduce your carbon emissions. Simply drop it in the tank before you fill and it works in three ways to significantly reduce the pollution from your vehicle, meaning a lower carbon footprint, less smog to inhale, and more bang for your proverbial buck as you find petrol lasts longer and gets your farther. It really works!!

To order any of the above, or Alpha Lipid Colostrum, or if you would simply like more information, please contact me on


  1. Taking natural supplement is better than artificial supplement because it contains natural ingredients that are beneficial to our health system. It is good to take it regularly to maintain a youthful glow.

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