Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Immufort - High Potency Colostrum

The days are growing ever shorter, Jack Frost is leaving an icy wake in the mornings, and the fires are roaring in the hearths... yes, winter is well and truly here, and with it comes the seasonal onslaught of colds and flu!!

So what better time than now to start boosting your defences so you don't fall victim to that dreaded lurgie this year?

Introducting Immufort - A high-potency ultraboost of colostrum, with 40% IgG.

From the New Image website:

High potency colostrum with 40% IgG

Key Features:

Immunoglobulins (IGs) in colostrum promote effective protection against variety of pathogens10 helping to support healthy immunity

Colostrum may promote gut health and help protect against infectious diarrhoea and reduces associated symptoms11

Active Ingredients per tablet:

550mg Bovine Colostrum powder providing:

220mg Immunoglobulins (40% IgG)


Dissolve or chew 1 tablet twice daily – try to keep the residual in the mouth for as long as possible for maximum absorption.

RRP: NZ$69.60 for 60 tablets (one month's supply).

For more information, or to order, please email colostrumforme@gmail.com - enquiries and international orders welcome.

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